Available Kittens

We have 2 early 2020 litters, but they are likely to be spoken for. We expect more possible litters later in 2020.  

Our kittens are available to approved homes only.  We appreciate the interest from our potential kitten parents! 

However, our waitlist for kittens is currently full (as of end of Feb).  Hopefully, in a few months, I will know more about the availability, and I can resume my waitlist. I would like to thank those families who have been waiting patiently. 

I breed in small scale, so I can observe and take good care of the babies. Therefore my kitten availability is limited.  I have to ask you for a little bit of patience. 

We appreciate your interest for our beloved Maine Coons!  

Please contact us here if you are interested in acquiring our kittens.

One of my past litter’s picture.  These kittens are already placed.