CH. MTNest Rubellite of Williamina (aka Ruby)

Silver Classic Torbie (Silver Patched Tabby)
DOB – 10/07/17
BREEDER –  Judy/David Bernbaum
Owner –  Michiko/Russ Hagan 
HCM DNA – Negative 
HCM Screen –  Screened clear of HCM by Dr. Jerry Woodfield on 10/01/18
SMA – Negative 
PKdef – Negative 
PKD – Negative 
FHD – Screened Clear – Very good to Excellent by Dr. Melissa Norton on 10/01/18

Favorite treats – Gerber Baby food(Chicken, Turkey, Beef)  Freeze Dried Chicken! Yum! 
Favorite things – Laser pointer chasing,  Sitting on Russ’ lap competing with other girls, Being a good mom! 

NOTE  :  Her litter-sister,  MTNest Paint to Sample is the “Best Maine Coon in TICA” Internationally!!  This is the first “ Female” to become the Best Maine Coon ever!!  Wow, what a huge accomplishment for a female!!  Sami is also the 3rd Allbreed Best Cat in TICA in the world!  Way to go, Sis!! I am so proud of you! Yay!  from Ruby in Seattle 


Cloistecoon Elly May of Williamina

(Now Retired)

Color – Silver Classic Torbie (Silver Patched Tabby)
DOB – 05/18/18
BREEDER –  David Billingsley 
Owner –  Michiko/Russ Hagan 
HCM DNA – Negative by parentage 
HCM Screen –  Normal.  Screened clear by Dr. Jerry Woodfield in June 2019
SMA – Negative 
PK-def-  Negative 
FHD – Screened in June 2019
Favorite Treats – Pumpkin Puree, Goat Milk, Freeze Dried Chicken
Favorite things –  Laser pointer chasing,  Watching Birds and Squirrels,  Attacking any kind of paper bags when possible and rips it apart

NOTE :  3 of Elly May’s Grand parents are the cats Michi bred in Japan!   Cougar, Takeshi and Shady! Very special to me. 

Elly May